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This blog is not about how you can make quick money by simply sitting. Its about how efficiently you can market your skills and make money with freelance jobs. It doesn't matter whether you are a student or a working professional or someone still searching for a job. If you believe you can do something that may be useful for somebody, then there are places for it.

What is freelancing?

If we go for the original definition of 'Freelance', it says "Freelance is working for different employers at different times rather than being permanently employed by one employer". But if we take the informal meaning, it is just 'work at home ' (or anywhere) thing. You can work independently for anyone either as a full-time freelancer or as a part-time freelancer.

New to freelance?  

If you are new to this freelancing stuff, from my own experience what I would like tell you first is, 'Be patient, you will gradually be the best at what you do'. Because, It is very difficult to get your first freelance job unless you have a strong and attractive work portfolio. But once you get a job and a good feedback from your client, then you will never have to look back.

Already in this field and no job yet? 

If you are someone who already in this freelance field and never got a job, then what I would like to tell you is the same thing, 'Be patient'. Because if you start quitting, you will never achieve anything.  And why don't you try a new strategy?. Success is not only about how hard you try, it is also about how efficiently you present your skills. A good presentation is very important, because the employer needs something to believe you to give the job.


 If you do not have an attracting work portfolio, make a good cover letter that explains how you fit for the job. And, at first do NOT try for big budget jobs. Because most employers only consider freelancers those who have a good work portfolio to show. So first, try for small jobs that have small budgets. May be those small payments will not be suitable for the effort we make. But we have to be patient until we get a good feedback from the employer.

 Even if you have a good portfolio, you should make a good cover letter. You can get many good cover letter formats if you go for a little search on the net. Because a cover letter is the first thing the employer sees from our side. As we all know, 'first impression is the best impression'.  So make it the best.

Some of the best and most trusted freelance websites are given below. start freelancing now!!  Good Luck!

Are you an employer? searching for the best freelancers for your job? Then read below.

Do you have a great idea in mind and do not have much money to spend for it? Then the best option is to hire some freelancers. 

The main advantage of freelancing is, it is less costly than going for a company. We will get many freelance workers who are ready to work for less payment. And many of the freelance websites provide us an option to mention our budget for the job. We can decide whether job should be an hourly paid type or it should be a fixed payment type. The next advantage is, we have a wide choice of candidates. It is us decide whom to select.

As every coin has two sides, freelancing also has advantages and disadvantages. The main disadvantage is, it is a little difficult to identify the best one as we have a wide choice of candidates. 

And even if we select someone, we usually do not have any guarantee that he/she will complete the work in time. That's why many websites ( like oDesk ) provides team management softwares. By installing those softwares we can manage all our freelance workers and get continuos word reports and screenshots. 

Some of the best and most trusted freelance websites where you can post your jobs are given below. start freelancing now!!  Best wishes!

1. oDesk

This is one of the best freelance websites I have ever seen and I personally recommend this. It's user interface is very brilliant. Even a beginner can start with this website. To provide a quality work environment, they have some good policies. Like, every user must take a 'oDesk readiness test' which ensures that you are aware with the terms and conditions of oDesk. And also they provide a 'Guaranteed payment' for 'hourly paid' kind of jobs.

Register here:

2. Elance

This is another popular freelance website where you can find quality jobs. You can register here.

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